Going with the Gospel

A Life Well Lived

Mildred A. Duff

Her daughter wrote the above poem.  Millie did live her life well and served her Saviour wherever He put her.
Millie began working when she was 18 and continued working until she simply could not. She worked for Bob Watters Missions from 1992 till 2001. But even before 1992 she was an invaluable helper to her sister, my wife Lillian. She stepped in when my daughter D. Anne was in the car accident.  Because of that I never missed a beat and the office ran smoothly.

Wherever she lived and worked she made sure she exerted herself for her beloved Saviour. All that she did, she did with eternity in mind. She knew that God had called her to be a witness. While not a preacher, her life told her story. Those around her knew she was a woman of integrity and honor.

 She will be missed more than words can convey, but we know that we are being selfish because now she stands face to face with Jesus. Her pain is no longer even a memory for her. She has joined with the other saints praising Him face to face.