Going with the Gospel

Europe Mission 2013!

Here I am with Bob Newman during the Spring of 2013. 
Sadly, Bob is no longer with us, yet
we rejoice that he is now with The Lord.

Despite suffering a debilitating stroke 2 days before the Christmas of 2012, by January,  I was able to fly to Florida for meetings in the mid-peninsular region.  By March,  I was on the road again, driving through the east, amazing my doctors with such rapid progress on my recovery.
Bob Watters' Mission 2013 to Europe was a great success!  On Sunday, May 12, I spoke at the Jesus Center Church in the center of the town of  Bretton, Germany.

Church in Bielefeld on Sunday Morning

The next Sunday I was speaking in Wiesbaden.   I had 6 services in Germany in less than 2 weeks, including Mannheim and Bielefeld.  Whew!


Gunther and Erna Kaupp

My Friends in Mannheim



The French "TGV"="Speedy Train"


On the 26th of May, I  took the Train (for 3 hours at 180 mph) all the way to Paris to speak at meetings in the area with my friend and translator Phillipe LePeru and the American Missionary Henry Linderman and his dear wife.
On June 2nd I conducted missions with Pastor Werner Fraas in the Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen area.  Later, I was with Herbert Ros and his wife, Christiane, celebrating their 50th Anniversary in a most beautiful mountain range in Germany!
Sunday, June 9, I spoke at the Volksmission, headed by Pastor Nikko, with my good friend Paul Liedtke translating.  He is now retired from the ministry.  How wonderful that he is still active in spreading The Word!
I was in Pforzheim for Sunday (June 16) meetings to announce the Good News with a new Pastor of the church there.
I spent time in mid-June with Al Perna, preparing for the 2013 Mission to England.  I brought the Good News to Woking on Sunday, June 23.  Speaking in Bognor Regis on June 30,  I then offered praise to God at Exeter and Guilford during this last month of these Summer 2013 Bob Watters' Missions.
Alnost everyplace I spoke, people told me I conveyed my message better than ever.  It seems my slight brush with death has allowed me to bring new life to my services!
Your continuing prayers of support help these continuing Missions both continue and improve.

             *MY WORK CONTINUES*

                  --as do these reports.