Going with the Gospel

Europe 2011

Shown above are Pastor Nikko and Miriam Strobel with their family.  He now Pastors the beautiful church shown below.  As you will soon read, it is a quite active church.
   This is the beautiful Philadelphia Church in Bielefeld, Germany in the north central area.

Bob first preached  here years ago when Paul Liedtke was Pastor.
   About 8 years ago a young minister, Nico Strobel, was hired as the youth pastor.
When Paul retired, Nico became the Church Pastor and Paul and Irmgard Liedtke took leadership of the Seniors' group of worshippers, shown below.

The well-populated Senior's group celebrating  and singing "Happy Birthday" to Bob for the 80th time!  (Bob has heard it 80 times.  No idea how many times these seniors have sung it.)