Going with the Gospel

Bob's Pearl Accordion

When I was 12 years old, a visiting evangelist asked me to travel through Texas to assist with music, singing, and playing the piano and accordion. Because the accordion I played was borrowed, my father bought me a used one for what was then a lot of money. For years, I continued traveling with various evangelists until I graduated from high school.  Wherever I went, that accordion, the Pearl Queen (pictured above) went with me.

In 1951 I updated to a brand new Scandalli professional accordion, putting the Pearl Queen in a closet. I upgraded accordions over the years and the Pearl Queen remained in storage while the others came and went. In 1981 I sold my last accordion and used keyboards to add to the organs I played in my ministry around the world.  But the first--the Pearl Queen--was never sold.

Thanks to your faithfulness, that 12-year-old boy is still traveling, now over four million miles, in 40 countries and all 50 States. Preaching since 1950, I use music to reach the multitudes who have come to hear the "Pearls" of wisdom in the wonderful Gospel of Jesus.