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Bob Watters' 2012 Missions


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When I arrived, in May, I had a busy ten days in Germany with many services.  In Mannheim, Pastor Krebs and I visited with Paula Lehman, 94 years old, who was the first convert in the first service at the famous Rosengarten Hall in the heart of the city way back in 1969, as men were setting foot on the moon.


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Then I spoke in Bielefeld where the British had headquarters after WW II. Paul Liedtke came here in 2000.  I have been here every year since, even though Paul retired three years ago, so his associate Pastor, Nico, became Pastor.  The last Sunday in May was Pentecost Sunday and we celebrated the birth of the church of Jesus Christ.

On the last Sunday in May, I had services in the church of Pforzheim, Germany with the newly elected Leader of the Volksmission denomination pastors.  The church meeting was great with many coming to Christ. 

In the afternoon, I spoke to a good-sized congregation of refugees from the wars in the Middle East.  They were both appreciative and responsive.  The little children were so beautiful and well-behaved.


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It was a wonderful week in Bielefeld.  Paul Liedtke, the retired pastor, is one fantastic interpreter.  Again I heard those welcome words from pastor Nico, “give us a date for next year.”

Bob was in Wiesbaden where he drove from Pforzheim, Germany, after conducting Missions in the environs of Paris.  Here is the report that he texted:

The day I left for France there were 3 intersections with stop and go traffic due to road repairs…on one of the busiest weeks of the summer.  It took me 3 hours to travel less than 20 miles.  After that, traffic was fine but my GPS froze just at Paris’ edge.  It took another 2 hours to thaw that one out!  Whew!

The several services I preached had great attendance with many people committing their lives to Christ.  Also there were a large number of people who came for healing prayer.

I enjoyed several fine French meals prepared by fine French friends.  Not only are the French good cooks, they are good at being in their cars all the time.  So the good food makes up for the bad traffic jam.

Then on to Bognor Regis, on the English Channel, after spending time in Woking, England, speaking at "House Meetings," since Evangelical churches are not to be found in every city.


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Before England, I was in Wiesbaden, Germany preaching with Al Perna, Jr. interpreting at the Italian Church there.  It was a wonderful service where many made a commitment to Christ.

Al Perna, Sr. was the first missionary to Italy after WWII.  He was a close friend of my wife's father.  She even babysat Al Junior!  His Uncle Joe Perna was the best man at my wedding.  Al is pictured below with his wife, Emmanuela.

         Al Perna, Jr. has interpreted for me hundreds of times over the years in scores of cities in several nations.  We have a long-lasting fellowship.


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This is my 45th year as a Missionary Evangelist.  Bob Watters Missions has now reached 40 countries around the world.
 May the Good Lord Bless you as He Blesses me through my journey of life, following the map of His Calling.


 *My work continues*--as do these reports!