Going with the Gospel

2014 Europe Missions


The 2014 Europe services began in the Mannheim area, including the great Church I started back in 1969 at the famous Rosengarten Hall in the heart of the city.  There was great attendance Sunday, May 31, 2014 at my services in the Hall.

 June found me in south central Germany in the city of Bretten.  Then I traveled North to speak in Bielefeld at one of the most beautiful Evangelical churches of Europe.  Bielefeld was headquarters for the British after WW II.  Paul Liedtke, now the retired pastor of that church, was translating for me.

Recently in France for services in and around Paris, there was a great response to my message of the saving love of Jesus Christ.

Bob playing piano to the congregation.

Then I was in Wiesbaden, Germany for services in the Frankfurt area with Al Perna as host and interpreter.  Again, many more saw the light of God that, at crucial crosswords, shines down the right pathway.

Bob in Wiesbaden with Al Perna.

Earlier in June, I was in the London area, including Woking, Guilford and Bognor Regis, to speak to followers of God's guiding beam who bring friends to hear me speak of the joy of walking in the brightly lit path with God's guidance.  Pray with me that many lives will be touched by God.

It was a fantastic Summer 2014 for my Mission to Europe.

             *MY WORK CONTINUES*

                  --as do these reports.