Going with the Gospel

Mission 2015 was quite wonderful!  I flew over the Atlantic on May 13,  landing in Frankfurt, Germany and then driving on to Mannheim where the services began.
The 2014 Europe services began in the Mannheim area, including the great Church I started back in 1969 at the famous Rosengarten Hall in the heart of the city.  There was great attendance Sunday, May 31, at my services in the Hall.
Bob Watters' Mission 2013 to Europe was a great success!  On Sunday, May 12, I spoke at the Jesus Center Church in the center of the town of  Bretton, Germany.
Bob is pictured here with leaders from  over 30 churches in Kenya. These men and women came  from all over the country to hear Bob in his meetings.  

Bob Watters Missions has been taking the Gospel overseas for nearly 5 decades.  It was dangerous when he started, because of Communism.  And it's dangerous today, because of Terrorism.
But Bob Watters just keeps  on...
the Gospel!

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May God Bless all those who
"surf these Watters."

Bob Watters Missions enlightens
the hearts and minds
of people all over the globe--
making the world a safer place to live!


D. Anne Watters

IT Director
Rick Thomson